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Phantom A.I Trading Robot

It is a trading computer program that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to make automated trading decisions in financial markets. It analyzes data, develops trading strategies, and executes buy or sell orders based on predefined criteria set by our team of trading experts. This robot offers speed, efficiency, and emotion-free trading.

Earn with Phantom AI

Our goal at Learn And Trade Academy is to assist as many people as possible in becoming financially free through trading or, earning a side income without having any experience in trading. 

Everyone should have the chance to live the life of their desires, both in terms of financial security and time management. 

And we at Learn And Trade Academy have found an easy way to do this for free. Phantom AI does all the work and all you have to do is follow our instructions. 

The only criterion is that you have some money to trade with.

What Our Students Are Saying

Phantom AI Robot Costs


One-Time Installation $300

Why Should You Use Our AI Trading Robot?​

Trading with Phantom AI Robot

Access To Our Experts

Emotion-Free Trading

Consistent Profits

Saves Time-Saving

100% Passive Income

Trading yourself

Personal Data Analysis

Slow Execution

High Risk Possibility

Emotional Trading

Join Our Trading Group

Do you want to trade without stress, just like hundreds of our members do?

Get access to our chat community with members from all around the world to learn, chat and share knowledge with, including a beginner trading course all for a 100% free.


Yes. The A.I Robot only has access to open and close trades. You control all access to deposit and withdraw from your account.

The Robot is Profitable in 80% of all trades it takes and has been programmed to close weekly in profit or Breakeven, so it works to meet set targets.

Everyone should have the chance to live the life of their desires, both in terms of financial security and time management.

And since other people making money doesn’t affect us making money too, why not share with them?

The Robot is programmed to update itself based on market trends and does not require frequent manual reconfigurations.

 It trades on selected forex market pairs.

The Robot has a preset risk management system to minimize loss and maximize profit. This adjusts based on your trading capital.


AI Trading Allows You Spend More Time Doing Other Things While Your Money Works For You!

Whether You’re a Pro or Complete Newbie to Trading,

You Can Earn With Very Little Effort By Using Our Phantom AI Trading Robot.

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